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The building code has changed in Seattle and this has made ADUs available and easier to achieve. With our backyard cottage builders Seattle, we will provide attractive ADUs that will be a smaller version of your home. We have had a number of clients who have come to us and use this as a source of income in their retirement. The ADUs that we offer are in different forms and they can be made to fit in any space that you have and your specific needs. This can be an extension of the basement, attic or the garage.

The cottages may be detached or connected to the main house and they are commonly referred to as in-law apartments. These are projects which we will take seriously and we have made it easier for most people to find affordable housing. The accessory dwelling unit design comes as a complete house that is complete with a kitchen, sleeping facilities, and a bathroom. Depending on the local regulations and requirement, the ADUs may be part of the main home or detached to be a separate unit. If you are looking for a professional ADU Design Seattle and contractor, you can count on us.

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Benefits of ADUs

While the backyard cottage appears to be a small housing unit, it has so many benefits. This will allow you to maximize the occupancy of the property space. There is also the benefit of creating a source of secondary rental income and it is cost-effective to build. When there is an ADU on your property, you will be able to provide separate, yet close housing for your loved ones. This allows them to enjoy much-needed privacy even when they are visiting you.

For those who are aging, this can translate to a great retirement plan. You can choose to move into the ADU and rent out the main home, which will fetch more income. We are the leading backyard cottage builders and regardless of the reason for building your ADU, we will provide you with the best. You will love every part of owning an ADU and even living in one when you have a professional expert building the unit for you.

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Cost of Building ADUs

The cost of building a backyard cottage Seattle varies, depending on a number of factors. Whether you choose an attached or detached unit will determine the cost that you will have to pay. The design is also the other key consideration that you need to pay attention to as it will significantly affect the cost of the ADU. There are other construction costs and fees that will be payable. Contact us to get a free estimate for the ADU.

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Are you considering having an ADU constructed on your property? We are the best ADU builders Seattle and we will be glad to assist you. We will use the best materials in the construction of the ADU and it will be visually appealing and with great functionality. Contact us today to find out more.